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On Writing – Going Dark

Most of my writing is pretty light-hearted. I’m an optimistic smartass by nature, so a good portion of my characters are, too. But even in the stories where you know things are going to turn out okay for both the world and the characters, sometimes you have to dig into darker emotions and situation. And … Continue reading

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  • *looks around* novels done, pilot draft finished, no edits in sight... *shuffles awkwardly* no idea what to do with myself. #writerslife 4 hours ago
  • Suddenly can't listen to music & play @PokemonGoApp at the same time. In a contest between the 2, music wins every time. Please fix. 1 day ago
  • YAAASSS! I've got you now, C plot! going to #write the shit out of my new pilot tomorrow now that I can finish the #outline. #writerslife 4 days ago