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I do NOT like every scifi movie ever made.

Knowing movie spoilers under the omfg cut. because omfg it was baaaad!

okay. so, the first half of the movie is totally believable (in a movie fashion). this girl in 1959 writes down all these numbers on a page and 50 years later, the timecapsule gets opened and the son of nick cage gets it. nick’s a astrophysicist whose wife died a year or so before. he’s drinking and looking at the paper and just messing around when he realizes, “holy crap! this are all disaster dates and the number of people who died!” and of course the one where his wife died is there too. he tells his best friend who thinks he’s gone off the rails, but after some digging, finds the daughter of the woman who wrote all the numbers, diana. now, diana has her own little girl and of course she and nick’s son caleb become friends.

this is where it goes off the rails. it turns out that aliens have been “whispering” to the children and telling them that they should go with them. nick and diana are all frantically trying to figure out what the last disaster is, where it happens, because the teached pulled away the paper before the diana’s mom finished writing it all. only, it turns out the 33 dead in the last date is really EE and they find out it means “everyone else” as in, the world’s going to end.

nick does his thing at the observatory and finds out there’s a massive solar flare that’s going to kill everyone/thing on the planet. there’s nothing they can do. diana asks about going underground, hiding in caves, and nick’s basically humoring her and says okay. so they pack up the kids and head out only for nick to get struck with inspiration about finding out the coordinates for the last disaster. maybe it’s not the whole world after all. diana doesn’t want to wait, so she grabs the kids while he’s obsessing and makes a run for it. he finds the coordinates and chases after her, but when she stops for gas, the alines jump in her car and take off with the kids. so she jumps in someone else’s car and chases after them only to get broadsided by a truck and die.

nick’s chasing after them too and finds them and that’s when the “whisper people” are shown as glowing alien types who are there to save the children. just the children. they massive space ships allll over the world, but can *only* take the children. not just that, but only the children who heard their whispers. so basically, nick says this angsty goodbye to his son, tells him it’s okay to go, to take care of abby, and then goes back to his father/mother/sister to get sizzled up when the solar flare hits. which it does. and there’s a preachy moment where nick accepts that his aethiestic ways are wrong and “this isn’t the end” from his father makes perfect sense. just before they all die a horrible death.

the movie ends with abby and caleb on a new world (with bunnies, btw) laughing and playing and running towards a tree as if they hadn’t just lost their parents and everything/one they ever knew. *bangs head repeatedly* all I can think about now is “Lord of the Flies in Space!” because there’s no adults, no supervision since the aliens just drop them off and leave. there’s no shelter, no apparent food (except maybe the bunnies *grin*), nothing.

I want to read the original script just to see if the writer is really that stupid, or if the network execs screwed it all up.

That’s how bad it was.


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Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


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