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outline for Children of the Temple

so this is the outline for the novel I will be attempting to write next weekend for the contest. I can’t believe after waiting all summer, it’s finally here!! woohoo!

anyhow, it’s about an immortal knight templar fighting evil with his sidekick and both of them running into a descendant of the temple, though she doesn’t know it. then all 3 of them have to stop the real Big Bad (an original Fallen Angel) from coming out of Hell. not that they know that either.

it’s fun to be evil to your characters!

would love comments. :o)

Chapter #  Chapter Description
Prologue Laurent burns to death in 1311
Chapter 1 Anna Maria at the funeral for her family, approached by a detective who says he has details she needs to know about a suspect. The wake. Talking to the detective after the wake. Nightmare about family’s muder, her coming home to the scene.
Chapter 2 At the police dept the next day, AM talks to the detective who gives her a picture of Laurent as a possible suspect. It’s a grainy picture and hard to make out, but the detective is positive he had something to do with her family’s death. Gives her his card if she sees Laurent hanging around. AM goes to the reading of her parents’ will to discover that she’s not just rich, she’s wealthy enough to never have to work again. She goes to the gym to work out, taking out all her anger and bitterness on a sparring partner.
Chapter 3 Laurent watches Anna Maria on a monitor, heckled by Damian as a voyuer. Brief conference about signs around the world. Report about the death of another possible Templar scion. Going over various prophecies that might be in play. Damian asks for the weekend off and Laurent says no, he needs to stay close. When Laurent leaves, Damian complains about being the sidekick without any benefits.
Chapter 4 Gregory bumps into Anna Maria at her usual coffee shop and strikes up a conversation. She’s suckered by his charm and agrees to a date. Gregory picks her up that night and brings her to a warehouse. By the time she realizes something’s wrong, she can’t move. He’s about to dump her into the ocean when Laurent tackles him. They fight and he drives Gregory off, then brings Anna Maria home, ignoring her questions and leaving her there.
Chapter 5 Gregory/XX report their failure to kill Anna Maria thru a relic to the Fallen and get electrocuted for it. Anna Maria is the key they need to destroy so the prophecy turns towards darkness and mankind gets wiped out/enslaved. They vow to succeed next time.
Chapter 6 Damian watches Anna Maria surf the web for information on Gregory via a remote connection/keystroke program. Laurent comes home and Damian patches him up, comments that using Anna Maria as bait is stupid and dangerous. Laurent tells him about demon in Gregory and that she’s more important than they realized. It wasn’t a random demon attack that killed her family. He orders Damian to dig into her background
Chapter 7 Anna Maria meets the detective for breakfast and shares what happens, that Laurent saved her, but he manages to turn it around in her head until she’s not sure what really happened. He warns her to be careful. She goes to the gym and doesn’t realize Damian’s across the aisle, also working out. She goes to lunch with her best friend, Stephanie, but Steph thinks the detective is right and it’s stress/grief mixing with a horrible experience. Anna Maria realizes that she’s in this, whatever it is, alone.
Chapter 8 Anna Maria goes back to the warehouse/dock to look for clues and Laurent calls, asking if she’s trying to get herself killed. Anna Maria insists on knowing what’s going on, so he agrees to meet her at a downtown coffee shop. Once there, they talk about her adoption, but she didn’t even know about it and questions him about what’s going on. Laurent doesn’t answer anything, instead always turning it back around and then, when Damian creates a distraction by arguing with a tourist, disappears altogether. Anna Maria vows to figure out what the hell’s going on.
Chapter 9 Anna Maria goes through her family papers and finds the adoption papers which leads her to a convent. The Mother Superior has a pendant for her from the priest that brought her to them; a Templar crest. On her way out, a really old nun tells her to beware of demons, presses an ancient rosary on her to protect her. (something like – AM: Sorry, I’m not a practicing Catholic, I don’t believe in all of that stuff." and the nun’s like, "don’t worry. just believe in something greater than yourself and that will be fine…just don’t tell the pope I said so."
Chapter 10  Flashback of Laurent at prayer with his brother monks, the same rosary in his hands.
Chapter 11 Laurent watches Damian do his research while fingering a different rosary. They talk about Aziin, the demon most likely to be the one trying to kill Anna Maria, try to figure out why. Laurent gets on his motorcycle (yes, I’ve gotta have him on a motorcycle) and ends up at the beach where he meditates/prays. When he gets home, Damian’s gone off to "blow off some steam" at a party. Laurent takes out an old book of demonology and falls asleep, dreaming of Damian dying in battle as a Sergeant of the Order. Laurent wakes up and goes in search of Damian, finds him at a party, high and on his 2nd partner of the night. Laurent hauls him out of the party over his shoulder. They have a knock down, drag out fight outside and Damian takes off, leaving Laurent alone.
Chapter 12 Gregory at a board meeting where we find out his company is 17th in the world and 5th largest in the states; this is a man who will be missed if things go wrong. We find this out from a reporter following him around for a personal profile in a business magazine. His asst. brings in a file on Anna Maria and is instructed to keep the tail on her, see if Laurent shows up and let him know if he does. Bathroom mirror shows Aziin’s face, not Gregory’s and they argue over what to do next; Gregory wants to just take out Anna Maria as ordered but Aziin wants to take out Laurent too, move up the ladder. Gregory warns about pride, but agrees.
Chapter 13 Anna Maria at her family’s grave promising to find out what really happened to them. At the police station for an update from the detective who has no leads. Anna Maria starts to suspect he’s dragging his feet and says so to her friend, who counsels patience, not paranoia. Anna Maria spots Damian at another table and goes up to him, but he not only claims ignorance, but flirts to get her number. Stephanie drags her away amidst apologies. Anna Maria doubles back and follows Damian to his car, gets his license number and gives it to the detective who promises to look into it. Anna Maria just knows he won’t and wonders how to use it herself.
Chapter 14 Lesson in illegal tracking of license plates. Anna Maria finds the address herself and stakes it out. She sees the detective arrive, display "super" strength by jumping up to the 2nd story window and climbing in. There’s a massive fight which she and the neighbors hear and the detective flies out of the window, looks dead, but gets back up. She watches Damian and Laurent run out of the house and get on Laurent’s motorcycle and drive away. The cops show up and the detective lies to them and when the house explodes, Anna Maria knows she’s way in over her head.
Chapter 15 Anna Maria throws together a couple of suitcases and then goes to a bank and cleans out her account, some $20k and goes to a cheap hotel, trying to figure out what to do next. Laurent and Damian show up (tracked her cell) and convince her it’s safer with them, than on her own. 
Chapter 16 At the new place, Laurent explains what’s really going on and Damian kicks in when she doesn’t believe him. They convince her by ‘killing’ Laurent with a shot to the head. Laurent looks like he’s begging Damian not to kill him, but really, just doesn’t want to get shot in the head since it hurts more than other deaths. Anna Maria freaks and grabs a knife, stabbing Damian before Laurent revives. It’s a shallow wound, though, so Laurent patches him up and tells them both it’s time to start planning for real
Chapter 17 Gregory gets call that Laurent and Anna Maria have hooked up and calls the Detective demon to meet them. Detective goes around back, Aziin takes full control of Gregory, whose appearance alters slightly toward reptilian. There’s a big fight between Laurent and Aziin while Damian and Anna Maria take on the detective demon. Laurent, Damian, and Anna Maria escape, but it’s close and everyone’s injured.
Chapter 18 Gregory/Aziin get punished again for failing, but the Detective is the one who dies thanks to Aziin’s fast talking about Gregory’s place/power in the world.
Chapter 19 Flashback to Laurent saving his younger sister and breaking his arm & leg as a result, then to her being sent away by their father.
Chapter 20 Laurent watches Anna Maria and Damian as they bandage each other up, sniping like siblings, bonded by the fight. They’re all still playing catchup and need to know what’s going on and decide to sneak into Gregory’s office to bug it and look for clues.
Chapter 21 They get in as janitors and gain access to the office via some tech gadget of Damian’s. While Damian bugs the office, Anna Maria and Laurent search it and find an ancient book in an unknown language. They take copies of it and put it back.
Chapter 22 Laurent pays a visit to an old scholar friend he’s known for decades. They go over the pages and it’s all about the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. Scholar explains it, but that doesn’t give a real motivation as to why Aziin’s after Anna Maria or what he’s really upto.
Chapter 23 Brainstorming session and then Anna Maria makes rookie mistake of calling Stephanie and agreeing to meet. She compounds that by telling the guys she’s going out for some air and then sneaks off. When she meets up with Steph, it’s actually the detective’s demon out for blood thanks to some torture motivation. It kidnaps her and she holds out long enough to get some minor info from it, but caves when the demon threatens to kill Stephanie and calls Laurent.
Chapter 24 Gregory/Aziin show up and emotionally tortures Anna Maria about her family. Just as they’re getting physical, Laurent shows up sans Damian. when they threaten to kill her, he encourages them to since it’ll stop her suffering and send her to heaven. Aziin is ticked, "Never argue with a fanatic." Another backhand sends Anna Maria all fuzzy and she hears/feels the following explosion, but loses consciousness.
Chapter 25 The grenade Damian lobbed through the window knocked out everyone except Laurent, who knew it was coming. They bind up Stephanie to bring with them, get her and Anna Maria to the car. Laurent goes back and stabs Gregory through the heart and is going to behead him when Aziin wakes up and they fight again. Aziin finally lets slip about the Fallen which distracts Laurent enough for him to escape.
Chapter 26 At a rectory, a priest and Laurent exorcise the demon, but it unfortunately kills Stephanie in the process. The demon’s destroyed tho, so that’s some comfort. The priest offers them sanctuary and they go to sleep.
Chapter 27 Laurent can’t sleep. Between the prophecy and the Fallen, Laurent knows something bigger than just one woman’s soul is going on, but not what. He enters the Sachristy and prays formally for guidence. Doesn’t know what he is, or if he has God’s Grace anymore, but just wants to protect hte helpless, to resume his duties as a Templar, if he could just have a sign. Anna Maria shows up just then with his original rosary, which he takes as the sign his original blasphemy is forgiven. Damian overhears the whole thing and curses him out before running away. Anna Maria’s confused until he explains that he and Damian have been involved off and on through the last ten years and now he’s under a vow of chastity again.
Chapter 28 Flashback to Laurent’s acceptance ceremony into the Order
Chapter 29 Police at the crime scene where Gregory’s body is eviserated. In Hell, Aziin on a rack and Gregory with his skin being pulled off. All the demons doing the torturing pause and then one of them is Raised up to take Aziin’s place by the Fallen.
Chapter 30 Laurent, Anna Maria, and the Priest watch the news of Gregory’s "murder" which isn’t good because now they don’t know who’s after them. Damian shows up newly bruised and stiff, pretending that nothing happened. Laurent tells Anna Maria to leave it, at least he’s sober, and then they go back to planning what’s next.


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