Amazon Contest Entered!

since there’s only 5000 spots open, I like to get mine in the first day. I say ‘only’ because it’s an international contest and no, that’s not a lot of slots all things considered. it’s an insane amount to compete against, though, which is why I’m not banking on a win, as awesome as I think Flux is. They’ve picked prose novels the last three years running, so it’s doubtful a scifi will pull off a win.

then again, if anyone can do it, I can. ;o)

first round is anyone can vote so come 2/5, be sure and sign onto amazon and vote for me!! I’ll remind you closer to the time, believe me!

2 thoughts on “Amazon Contest Entered!”

  1. You better remember to remind me!! LOL Somehow I never knew the first round of ABNA was a public vote – I’ve only ever been involved in the 2nd round (judging short excerpts). I hope they’ll contact me again this year, but since last time I did was just last year, it might be next year before I’m contacted again…

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