two movie reviews (no spoilers)

so today I saw The Woman in Black and One For The Money, two movies as different as night and day…

The Woman in Black – Daniel Radcliffe was wonderful in this creepy as f*ck period piece, completely believable and definitely not Harry Potter in a suit. It’s been a long while since a movie made me hunch down in my seat, cowering er, keeping warm under my sweatshirt and just about holding my breath to see what happened next, but that’s exactly what happened. The writing was great, the photography/direction just gorgeous and, of course, the acting from everyone was perfect. I highly recommend this if you’re looking to get the pants scared off you… or you want to see a scruffy Daniel Radcliffe. ;o)

One For The Money – I normally see movies like this one on dvd because who wants to spend $15 on a rom-com? But really, I like Katherine Heigl and I think Jason O’Mara is totally hi-larious in almost every role I’ve seen him in, bringing a great sense of humor to even serious-ish roles. Not to mention I needed to lighten up after watching Woman in Black! To my surprise, this was a really good movie! Heigl was very believable as Stephanie Plum (not that I’ve read the books) and her transformation through the movie definitely made me happy. Jason, as expected, gave a great performance, and there were some really funny moments from the supporting actors, too. The writing was pretty sharp/witty and the views of Trenton were, well, views of Trenton. ;o) You can wait to see it on dvd, but it’s a not a waste of $ if you see it in the theater.

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