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Happy Birthday America!

Yeah, I know, everyone’s writing something about the USA today, so I’ll jump on the (literal) bandwagon. (teehee! /pun)

I do a lot of bitching on facebook, to friends, and even on my blog sometimes, about the state of politics, racism, homophobia, sexism, and pretty much everything that’s wrong with this country. And I do it almost daily, as a lot of you know. Partly because some of the evil in this country affects me directly as a financially lower-class (although that’s changing now, thank God!) queer woman, even if I am white. Partly I rant because I’m still, ultimately, an idealist and optimistic; I want everyone to have the opportunities that they want to have, no matter what color or religion or sexual identity they are. If I talk often enough, to enough people about what I believe, who knows? It might rub off.

Favoritism bugs the crap out of me, so I loathe the whole tit-for-tat that goes on in politics. It’s fueled by money and power and and “favors” that affect every single person in this country. People in politics are ambitious for many reason and not all of them to do with the good of the people they’re seeking to represent. A few holding power over the many is never a good idea… except, we voted for them. I voted for them, because that’s the main thing I can do without getting an actual career in politics. If we don’t like them, we don’t vote for them on the next election. And if they really f*ck up, we can impeach and get rid of them sooner.This is a country where citizens can do that.

You know, there are a lot of great countries in the world and a few where I’d even consider a permanent residency if I had the money. But even if I suddenly get a career like Joss Whedon or become the next JK Rowling and have a shit-ton of money so that I can live anywhere in the world, the USA would always be home. With all of Her flaws and horrific problems, She’s an idealist like me. I think that’s work fighting for, even if my choice of weapons is words. Go read the Constitution if you don’t think so.

As a matter of fact, go read the Constitution anyhow! It’s the 4th of July and we should all remind ourselves why this country is so great. And in the same vein, take a moment to thank all the soldiers (even if it’s just on facebook or your blog) for their sacrifices to keep this country safe! Without them, we’d still be British. ;o)

I hope everyone has a great 4th and lots of fun! Enjoy the sun, the food, the time off, and your family! (but try not to get a sunburn, those suck!)



About Nancy M. Griffis

Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. O.k. could not put your book down!!!
    Loved it!
    Write more!!!

    Posted by Evette Green | July 14, 2012, 8:19 am

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