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Time to get political – Part 2

Like I said in my political post last month, this isn’t a request for an argument or a chance for someone to try and convert me. This is just me spouting off about what I think.

So the election’s about three weeks away. Several states are now beyond the time where you can register to vote, so I hope everyone has at least done that.

We’ve had two Presidential debates and a VP debate. I, unfortunately, missed the first Prez debate and only caught part of the VP debate. I did see most of this week’s Prez debate, though, and it confirmed one thing for me: I really want to slap Mitt Romney across his smarmy face. Now, I’m not a normally violent person. Even when I’m livid, I’m more likely to damage myself punching a wall or overdoing at the gym but with every condescending word that came out of Mitt Romney’s mouth, the urge to slap him just grew stronger.

Forget the asinine “binders full of women” remark about how he claims he searched for women to fill his cabinet back in MA. Forget that he avoided at least three questions that I counted by talking about what he wanted to talk about. Forget about how he was so wrong on a factual point that the moderator corrected him… you know what? Don’t forget. Think about all of that.

Okay, never mind about the debate. As we all know, everyone has an off-night.

If you’re a woman. If you’re queer. If you’re (working) poor. If you’re young and trying to get a higher education. If you’re trying to live on social security and/or using medicare. Or if you know and/or are related to someone in any of those categories then you shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney. Not because of his piss-poor attitude towards the people who fit those qualifications (although that’s telling, too), but because he will screw with your life, or your loved one’s life, if elected. Think he won’t?

He’s going to put the people on medicare into a voucher system.

He’s going to take away funding to Planned Parenthood which is where many, many women go for medical care. I’ve used them in the past and we all know it wasn’t because I could get pregnant.

He’s going to take an aggressive foreign policy stance which smacks way too much of GWB for my tastes. I love the military and our soldiers. I just don’t want someone in charge of them who’s got a chip on his shoulder and/or something to prove.

He outright opposes same-sex marriage (not a shocker) and civil unions (though some civil benefits are apparently okay), is perfectly happy leaving same-sex adoption in the hands of the states (a number of them forbid it), and vetoed a bill funding hate-crimes prevention while in MA. Awesome, right?

Oh, let’s not forget education. He opposes government funding for secondary education. I read an article where he told two different students (one high school, one college) that they should shop around for good prices and not expect any help from the government, that they should get sensible loans and make sure they can pay it all back themselves. And instead of fixing the public schools that desperately need help, he’d rather people find alternative methods like charter schools and home schooling. Now, I’m not against either of those options, but they shouldn’t be needed in the first place.

Healthcare! Please, let’s not forget that we’re one of the few (only?) westernized countries that didn’t have “universal” health care. Romney’s stated that he’s going to repeal it as his first item of business even though, to me, it looks pretty much exactly like what he enacted while governor of MA. It smacks of sour grapes that he wants to repeal it, just because a republican wasn’t the one to enact it.

And yes, I’m going to say it even though I’ve said it before. We still know nothing about Romney’s personal taxes beyond 2010. For a man who’s going to have major impact on the tax code (and he’s stated flatly that he will, even though little information has been given how), we should know a hell of a lot more about his finances than we do.

What kills me about this election is two things.

One: half of my family is going to vote for Romney because they perceive his economic policies (and okay, some of them agree with his social issues too, God help me) to benefit them even though none of them are anywhere near the category that Romney really cares about: the wealthy. And if half of my family is going to vote for him, even knowing how adversely his presidency will affect me, then I’m afraid that’s how the rest of the country will vote.

Two: There’s no sense of urgency, or even camaraderie, that I’ve noticed among the Obama supporters to help educate the undecided. Really, people? Are we that complacent that we can let this already too-close presidential campaign get any closer? What happens if it gets close like the Al Gore/GWB race? What happens if Romney wins? What little goodwill we’ve managed to get back over the last four years during Obama’s term will go bye-bye. Don’t forget Romney pissed people off on his foreign tour over the summer and he was just a candidate then.

I think Sam Jackson said it best in his video promo: “Wake the fuck up!”   (go see it, it’s funny and awesome as hell! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTtS17xcr-U)

As for me, well, I’ll be voting for Obama. Not that this is a surprise to anyone who knows me.


About Nancy M. Griffis

Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


One thought on “Time to get political – Part 2

  1. I agree 100%. That’s rare.

    Posted by Lynn Mohney | October 23, 2012, 8:08 pm

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