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My night at Whiskey a Go Go

So, Saturday night my cousin’s band, Billy Deen & The Rebels, was playing at Whiskey a Go Go here in LA. I hadn’t been there before, but it was in H’wood and I hadn’t seen Robbie in, like, 20 years give or take, so I totally had to go! My brother and his wife were game, too, even though she’d taken a pretty horrific spill last week and the pavement visibly won.

It turned out to be a showcase, something else I hadn’t been to before. Three bands went on before BDR and I have to say… yeah, they weren’t great. Now, they could all play, that wasn’t the problem. Maybe my standards are too high nowadays, I dunno. I spent most of the night amusing my brother and his wife via texting with a running commentary and came away with the suggestion that I should write some standup. *snerk*

The first band, every single song sounded exactly the same. Plus the singer was reading off sheet music 3 different times that I saw. Really dude? Aren’t those your songs? *rolls eyes*

The second band wasn’t bad, per se, they just didn’t strike me as anything more than a cover band, even on their original music. Or, I think it was original music. I honestly don’t know even 3 days later.

The third band was definitely the best of the opening bands. Good beat, good lyrics, and a pretty enthusiastic front man. Killer Weasels was fun to watch and I’m actually going to see what they sound like recorded, as opposed to live. The singer just needs to learn he doesn’t have to growl every single song, because he has a good voice when he sings. Although I suppose he could’ve just had a cold or something.

And then there was BDR who was definitely the best of the lot. Granted, that wasn’t a difficult achievement considering the competition, but this is a band I can see going all the way. And no, I’m not saying that because my cousin’s in the band, either.

They’ve all got talent, from what I heard that night. It was a short set, but they ran through straight-up rock and some pop, and all of it had a great beat. The singer was in-tune and on-key and had a pretty powerful voice live, which I know from personal experience ain’t easy. Plus he’s cute as all get-out, which the teenie-boppers will love. Robbie lost a few drum sticks being too cool for school and tossing them around, but I love that he caught a couple of them and just kept on going (I was actually wondering at one point if the stick container was like an endless bag of holding because he never ran out). The guitarist seemed to have a lot of fun with both the audience and his hat, which I thought was great, not to mention that he could really play. The bass player was… well, a bass player. lol! They’re always too-cool for the band, anyhow, right?

Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about the band is their name. Not that I have any real suggestions (plus that’s a personal choice, obviously), but something more inclusive, something to stamp them together as a band, instead of a singer and his back-up, would be great.

I think they all had great synergy on stage and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Good luck, guys!

just an fyi, I had horrible luck getting all the guys in one shot, but here’s some pics:

band bass robbie robbie_derek


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