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Book Reviews! calling all indie authors!

Confession time…

So, I’ve been focused on tv and movie reviews since I started this blog because honestly, that’s where I spend most of my free time when I’m not writing. I lost the… inclination, I guess, to pick up a book. A lot of that has to do with time management and, honestly, instant gratification. It’s so much easier to go to hulu.com and watch a tv show that I love and boom! I get a complete fix in an hour as opposed to however long it would take me to get involved with a whole new world via the written word.

VeryBad!Nancy!! Because really, how can I expect people to spend their time on my words if I don’t do the same? We’re all busy. We all have insane lives with different demands upon our time. Please don’t flay me for my honesty. heh. I’ve got enough author guilt going on right now, promise.

I’m turning over a new leaf right now! If you’re an indie author and want to get a review, please send an email to nancyreviews @ gmail . com with your book blurb, a pdf copy of the book, and a jpg cover if you want it included in the actual review. The review will be honest and fair, but if I think the book if awful, I will politely say so in the review. I don’t whitewash or blow smoke. If I do think the book is bad, I will send you the review first and give you the option to have me not post it. I don’t know how many book reviews I’ll do a month, I guess it depends on how long it takes me to get back into the reading groove.

My preferred genres: scifi, urban fantasy, paranormal, fantasy, and action/spy. Within those genres, if there’s romance plot and/or erotica (of any permutation really) within the greater genre, that’s totally fine. I’ve written and read a ton of m/m, f/f, m/f/m, f/f/m, whatevers. I’m not a huge fan of romance on its own, but I’ll read them, too.  :o) If you have a book that doesn’t fall within those genres, email me anyhow and I’ll check it out. If I don’t think I’ll like it, I probably won’t review it but it never hurts to ask, right?

As a personal favor, internets, Please don’t make me regret giving out that email address publicly. ;o)



About Nancy M. Griffis

Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


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