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Wheels on Wednesday – Ford Focus Hatchback

So this week’s car (now that my summer chauffeur intern is back at school) is the Ford Focus Hatchback (2012?) and it was… eh. A car. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad. It was thoroughly middle-of-the-line which probably isn’t a compliment for any car. I’ve actually driven this car twice now and the second time was because no other cars were available.

The dash is a weird mix of old and new. It’s got dials for the speedometer and RPMs, but an electric screen between them that summarizes the trip information.

Both times I drove this thing, it took forever to get the ‘in sync’ line to work with my iphone. And this was an actual cord, not Bluetooth so that was just weird. There’s also a ton of buttons near the radio screen (which is electric) and honestly? I couldn’t figure out but 3 of them. Granted, if I owned it I would spend more than 10 minutes trying, but then, it shouldn’t even take 10 minutes to figure things out on a dash, imho. I’m pretty gadget savvy. I shudder to think of my Mother attempting to work it. (Sorry, Ma.)

You would think, being a compact car, it would fit me pretty well but it didn’t. The headrest was in exactly the wrong place so I drove with my head at a slight angle which put strain on my neck, which I was definitely not happy about with a 1.5hr drive each way (2hrs getting home, actually). The seat was moderately comfortable but I think they’re geared towards people with short commutes. If you’ve got anything over a half hour, I wouldn’t recommend it.

As for the actual driving itself, the Focus was… fine. It was sluggish when I had to hit the gas getting on the freeway or engaging after a light change, but once it got up to speed, it was fine. No problems switching lanes. One thing I was really happy about was the size of the mirrors. Full size mirrors on a compact car make for even easier parking.

Which leads me to parking. Heh. I ended up parking not in my normal spot at home and so was quasi blocked in. After a million-point-turn, I got out, and the car was handy to have for that because it was so small.

I didn’t, thankfully, need to test the brakes in an emergency situation. They weren’t the most responsive brakes I’ve had, but not the worst, either. Again, middle-of-the-road.

I guess it’s a good car for the price I saw online, but you won’t catch me spending $12k on it, even with all the bells and whistles. Sorry, Ford Focus Hatchback, I really wanted to like you but I’ll only see you again when I’m late making reservations and you’re the only one left. Poor thing.


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