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Torquere’s Yearly Charity Anthology – 4th Wall Character Interview

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Welcome to the 2013 Torquere Charity Bloghop! A group of Torquere writers (including me) wrote a bunch of awesome short stories and the benefits go to Outserve. DADT is gone, but problems within the military remain and all proceeds from the sale of this anthology and individual stories during 2013 will benefit Outserve-SLDN. Check out the bloghop for more author goodies!
2028 – Boston, MA

Roman peered inside the room and found two chairs facing a third. Behind the third chair were two professional-sized lights and a small vidcam. Just beyond the lights and camera, he saw the vague outline of their interviewer and smiled in greeting. “Bonjour! I see we have the right room.”

“Yes, of course, come in!”

Roman pulled his reluctant husband into the smallish conference room and said, “Bon. How are you today?”

“Just fine, thanks. It’s great to meet you.”

Handshakes were exchanged all around, though Kyle remained moodily silent. Roman gently pushed the shorter man into a chair and smiled. “You must excuse my husband. He’s camera shy.”

Kyle scowled at him and said, “I just don’t see why we gotta do this!”

Roman folded his arms across his chest and gave him a pointed stare.

Kyle huffed and said, “Fine. Whatever.”

A few minutes later, all three sat comfortably with the camera turned on.

“So you’ve been together how long now?”

Roman smiled. It looked like they would start with the easy questions. “Fifteen years.”

“And married for thirteen, right?”


“Why don’t you tell us about how you met?”

Kyle snorted and said, “You need to buy the book for that answer. I haven’t read it, but I hear it’s good. Roman would know, he’s always reading something. What’d you think about it, babe?”

Roman laced their fingers together and squeezed gently, but the grin was unmistakable. “I think the author was quite… detailed.”

“Oh God. You didn’t tell her about…”

“The steak dinner and wonderful dessert? Oui. One must be true to the story, no?”

Kyle groaned, pale skin flushing with obvious embarrassment. “My mother better not get ahold of that thing.”

Roman’s grin widened. “I do believe she added a minor post script.”

Kyle sighed, a resigned sound. “The BBQ?”



The interviewer cleared his throat, obviously trying not to laugh. “You two seem very much in love, even all this time later. Being a Captain at the Boston Police Department isn’t exactly an easy-going job and I know that you, Roman, are in quite a lot of demand as a book antiquities expert. What’s your secret to staying so happy?”

Kyle’s blue eyes met Roman’s brown ones and he said, “Well, you’d probably have to ask him. He’s the one with the patience of a saint. Come to think of it, he might’ve taken lessons from my mother.”

Roman chuckled softly. “She has given me many pointers over the years, it is true. I would say, however, being on the same page is the best advice. Our worst fights were almost always because we tried to protect each other instead of being honest.”

Kyle nodded vehemently and agreed, “Oh, hell yeah. Like the Bonano case. Serial killer. I thought he was going after Roman and, well, we almost didn’t make it through that one for a few different reasons.”

“And our sixth anniversary,” Roman reminded.

Kyle grimaced. “Oh God, don’t even go into that one.”

“So honesty really is the best policy?”

Kyle and Roman both nodded. And then Roman gave a wicked little grin and said, “Wonderful sex helps.”

“Oh fer cryin’ out loud, Roman! Stop already!” Kyle exclaimed, flushing red again.

Roman laughed and then kissed the back of Kyle’s hand before looking back at the interviewer. “My sweet little American prude. As to your point, yes. One must, as they say, do things by the book if you hope to survive as a couple.”

The interviewer smiled and said, “Perfect tie-in, because that’s the name of the story. “By the Book.”

“Are we done?”

“Kyle! Don’t be rude.”

“I got roll call.”

“You have not had roll call in five years.”

“Special occasion.”

Roman rolled his eyes, but the affection on his face was unmistakable in the wide smile.

The interviewer reached over and turned off the camera. “That’s okay, we’re good. I’ve got what I needed. You both have a great day.”

Kyle jumped to his feet and shook the man’s hand again. “C’mon, Rome, let’s go.”

Roman also shook the interviewer’s hand and said, “Merci. And good luck with the charity.”

He followed Kyle out of the room, whistling cheerfully, and then popped his head back in and said, “Oh! Before I forget. There will be more of our… adventures… in the future. Or so the author tells us. Adieu!”

The interviewer waved an acknowledgement and made a note to add that in the final cut.


About Nancy M. Griffis

Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


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