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Godzilla – review – no spoilers

Godzilla poster

Godzilla poster

Ah, Godzilla. The original badass creature to end all other badass creatures, often right on the big screen. I’ve seen a bunch of different Godzilla movies (I have very fond memories of watching the black and white Creature Double Features) and I was really looking forward to seeing this one.

I’d heard a few comments about this Godzilla movie before I went to see it and about the chief complaint – not enough of Godzilla himself – I have to agree. When the title is the name of one of the characters, he really should be in at least half the movie, imho. A friend of mine also mentioned that Godzilla’s face seemed more ‘human,’ but I didn’t think that when I saw it. It was definitely more flexible than in the other movies, but I put that down to better SFX.

Really, I get why they did what they did with limiting Godzilla’s screen time. This was essentially a monster movie from the human pov. It was showing us just how tiny and insignificant we all are when dealing with something so completely beyond out control. And as much as I missed having a lot of Godzilla, I think the way they did it actually worked really well with the story itself.

Speaking of the story, I have to admit to a little disappointment in the Mary Sue-ness of the lead character. Unfortunately, I can’t go into it all without spoiling things, but that brings up another topic for me to talk about in the future: Mary Sue vs. Hero. The actor – Aaron Taylor-Johnson – did a great job with what he had. I found him very likable and believable inasmuch as his character’s journey could be believed. The acting all around was really good, but I found the character/casting choices a little odd… something else I can’t get into without spoiling.

I guess I’ll have to just do a whole spiolered Godzilla 2014 post in the future. ;o)

Overall, this was a really fun action movie with great SFX, really good acting, and a decent story. I would definitely recommend it for theater watching for the SFX alone. Do everyone else in the audience in a favor though? Leave the kids under 10 at home. I would like to shoot the person (somewhere non-vital, promise) who brought a toddler to my theater!

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2 thoughts on “Godzilla – review – no spoilers

  1. Good review Nancy. It’s tense, exciting and believe it or not, surprisingly fun. Who would of thought it, right!?!

    Posted by CMrok93 | May 23, 2014, 5:08 am

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