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Looking Back / Looking Forward


I did a lot this year, even though it feels like I accomplished nothing of note whatsoever. I blame this on impatience (with myself most of all) and too-high expectations, also on my part. So to remind myself that I did actually Do Things this year, here’s a list of this year’s highlights:

The year started off with a bang when my mom came to visit in January for 2.5 weeks and ended up staying 3 wks due to snow in Boston trapping her in LA. This is an accomplishment for us both because 2 grown women coexisted in a 350 sq ft little house and didn’t kill each other… though it came close a couple times.

A Most Unusual Wedding was published waayyy back in April by Dreamspinner Press. (So was its short prequel, A Most Unusual Courtship!)

I had a birthday in May. (Didn’t really have to do anything but exist, but hey. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself these days, yes?)

In July, I had my one-year anniversary at work! For someone who was unemployed/laid off twice from other companies, that’s a biggie.

In August, I published Amoven: Prophecy, which is a book very near and dear to my heart. While it isn’t yet climbing the charts, I think putting myself out there in written form, yet again, is an accomplishment. (also made my editor go: $#@%(12!!” when she finished reading it, which I consider a major accomplishment *big evil grin*)

I was rejected by no less than four agents this year. That sounds bad, but I consider it an accomplishment because I’m still not giving up. (Though damn… it’s hard not to at this point.)

I committed to (ugh) Weight Watchers in October. That (ugh) isn’t for WWs as an org, but rather the fact that I apparently need some kind of accountability to make a dent in my fitness levels and the lack therein.

For the first time ever, I finished NaNo!! wooHOO! I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month for the last five years running, but life always managed to interfere and stop my completion of 50k words. Which is absolutely ridiculous because I write plenty through the rest of the year and all my books are way more the 50k words!

Also in November, I read three scripts for a contest and gave feedback/constructive criticism on each.

Speaking of feedback, every couple of weeks I’m in a writers group which means I consistently read and gave feedback on scripts throughout the year.

And speaking of throughout the year, I’ve written:

  • 2 brand new television pilots
  • I am so close to finishing the Wedding sequel (you can blame Prime for the recent lack of writing, must binge watch before free trial ends!)
  • wrote a new Arbiter short (which will be released very soon)
  • finished the first Arbiter novel
  • started the second Arbiter novel (omg it’s SO FUNNY!!)
  • started draft 2 of the Fluctuations sequel (aiming for a 2016 summer release)
  • completely revamped Mind Games for rerelease (now at the editor w00t!)
  • got in writing on other works-in-progress (current novel wip count: 5; current script wip count: 1 feature, 1 pilot, 1 spec – Empiiiire, yeah baby!)
  • wrote several movie/tv reviews and essays on writing for the blog

…..holy shit I did a lot this year! Maybe I should cut myself some slack.


So what am I thinking to accomplish in the year to come? Nothing’s written in stone, of course, but here’s what I plan on doing:

Rereleasing Eternal Investigations in January (surprise!)

Visiting Mom in February for her birthday and not getting stuck in Boston due to snow (*knocks on wood*)

A Most Unusual Honeymoon getting published (depending on a: if it’s accepted, and b: Dreamspinner’s publishing schedule)

Writing my new supernatural/conspiracy tv pilot [(very excited about this one!) (yes, it’s already registered with the WGAw, teehee!)]

Get an agent!

Get involved in the local LGBTQIA community. I mean, it’s only been 13 years since I moved here. Probably about time I check it out. ;o)

Finally film my double-cross web series.

Finally film my physic recruitment short *snerk* (you’ll see)

Finishing my lesbian cozy mystery (I’m about a third of the way through)

Finishing my second Arbiter novel (it’s SO FUNNY!!)

Finishing the Fluctuations sequel (verrrry happy with this one! You guys’ll love it!)

Publishing the Fluctuations sequel (probably in the fall)

Rereleasing Mind Games mid-year

Learn German

Refresh myself on Spanish and Italian (maybe Russian too, if there’s time)

Continuing my ‘slow and steady’ method of weight loss/regaining health (ugh!)

Writing my psychological suspense feature script

Submitting my psychological suspense feature script to Nicholls

Submitting my pilots to various contests and fellowships

Being accepted by Nicholls

Being accepted by the ABC-Disney fellowship (or all of them, I’m not that fussy)

Completing NaNo again.

Regular blog posts since I’m hit or miss a lot. I’m going to aim for twice a month at a minimum.

…holy shit that’s a lot! Here’s hoping I’m a little kinder/more patient with myself this time next year when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. Because I know I will.

Have a great New Year’s!! I hope 2016 gives you all you want and more.

Happy writing everyone!


About Nancy M. Griffis

Author and screenwriter who loves scifi/action/adventure/urban fantasy genres. I have two published novels, Mind Games and Eternal Investigations, as well as a short story published for charity called "Home Fires Burning." All are available through amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com.


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