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Becca Redford and the Big Bad Wolfhound – Review

becca cover

Disclaimer: I know the author and was given a free copy of the book in exchange for the review.


Book Summary:

Becca Redford has a few problems in her life: divorcing parents, lots of detentions, and moving to a new town and into her Grandmother’s house with her newly single mom. Basically, she’s pretty sure her already crummy life is going to get worse; new school, new problems, after all. What she doesn’t anticipate is being the last in a line of werewolf slayers who work in tandem with Irish wolfhounds to protect innocent humans.


I’ve always enjoyed Shawna’s writing and Becca is no exception. The writing is very smooth and paints a clear picture of a young woman struggling with a destiny she’d never imagined. Becca is a great main character with enough flaws to keep her interesting. The love interest, Ben, is sweet and true–but not too sweet– which is a nice foil for Becca’s smart-assed response to pretty much all of life.

The secondary characters of her mom, her grandmother, Ben’s brothers and father, as well as a Scooby gang from school are all individuals with their own styles to make them stand out. Given the size of the ‘cast,’ that’s no small feat for a writer.

Outside of Becca herself, I’d say that her grandmother was my favorite character. It was nice to see an older woman presented with a depth that included both fierceness and flaws. This was no granny content to retire and enjoy her golden years, but rather ready to train the next generation and pass the baton only because she absolutely had to do so.

If you’re looking for a fun read with some werewolves and romance, Becca’s the book for you.

This is a YA Paranormal Romance novel that I would rate PG14 for language and some violence, but not much more than you’d get in an episode of Buffy.

You can pick up Becca–along with 19 other ebooks in the paranormal and scifi romance collection–at


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