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Has It Really Been That Long?

Good lord! My last post was in January! This year really has been one of those “blink and you miss it” years. In my defense, a lot’s gone on in my life these last six months: I had ankle surgery, my job changed… okay, maybe not that much quantitatively, but it was enough to keep … Continue reading

We Could Be Heroes, Just For One Day… but weren’t.

This post may lose me friends and followers. That’s okay. It needs to be written. So yesterday was an historic election choice: the choice for the first female president. And she won the popular vote (barely), but still lost the election. I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan. I maintained through the election that Sen. Sanders … Continue reading

RIP David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust was one of the first records I ever bought with my own money. I listened to it probably a thousand times. As a young queer girl in the middle of nowhere Massachusetts–one who didn’t even know she was queer at the time, just different–Ziggy filled a hole in me that other music never … Continue reading

Looking Back / Looking Forward

2015 I did a lot this year, even though it feels like I accomplished nothing of note whatsoever. I blame this on impatience (with myself most of all) and too-high expectations, also on my part. So to remind myself that I did actually Do Things this year, here’s a list of this year’s highlights: The … Continue reading

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

I wanted to pop online for a quick Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a wonderful time off from the daily grind spent with family or on your own enjoying whatever it is you love doing. Have a lot of fun and delicious food around the family table or go out and … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

So here in the US it’s Thanksgiving, which is a day to spend with family and friends and eat so much food you either pass out into a food coma or throw up… maybe one and then the other, depending. It’s also a day for being thankful for what we have and remembering those we’ve … Continue reading

The Hunting Backlash aka Death Threats Are NOT Okay

I love animals. I love animals so much that I no longer eat them and haven’t done for a number of years; 17 vegetarian/pescetarian and 3 vegan, if you want the strict background. I’m also, no surprise, a pretty big ‘live and let live’ person in general. I try not to flatten or step on … Continue reading

Love & Pride

As the end of Pride Month hits, I realize I haven’t done or said much about it this year. Not that I often get on a bully pulpit via the blog but with the whole SCOTUS Marriage decision, it’s time. Just like when Prop 8 was cast down, I didn’t actually believe that SCOTUS would … Continue reading

Lifehouse – Out Of The Wasteland – Review

Surprise! I’m also a musician. hehehehe. I don’t have the chops I used to and my music theory days are long gone, but I do know what I like and what’s awful. ;o) I don’t often do music reviews, but maybe that will change. Life’s a journey, right? And I sure as hell listen to, … Continue reading

Review – Independent Film – No Spoilers

Well okay. It’s not actually a movie called Independent Film that I’m going to talk about, but the genre in general. I love Robert Downey Jr. I’ve been a big fan of his for longer than I care to admit, because it dates me. A lot. Heh. Recently, there was an article/interview where he said … Continue reading

Nancy at the Tim Burton exhibit in L.A.

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