Fat Girl Finds Love at the End of the World (novella)

As a makeup artist in Hollywood, Beth had seen a lot of weird things over the years, but actual zombies took the cake. With no help from the government, the fully-armed neighborhood steps up to keep the streets safe. On a supply run, Beth ends up face-to-face with a shotgun held by the most gorgeous woman she’d ever seen and has to wonder… Why did it take a zombie apocalypse for her to find love?

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A Most Unusual Honeymoon

When Leo and Gerald go on their honeymoon to the English seaside, they expect to spend a lot of time in a luxurious bed and a little in the sun and surf. Unfortunately, a murder on their hotel floor ruins that lovely plan. With the deceased an acquaintance of Leo’s–and a German diplomat–Leo inserts himself into the perplexing investigation. Gerald has more than enough on his plate to fill the time: a most modern young lady–and her guardian mage–decide that Gerald needs looking after, even as he searches for a young thief with power… a thief who desperately needs his help, whether she wants it or not. Between the danger and the dancing, Gerald and Leo have a very unusual honeymoon indeed.

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A Most Unusual Wedding

The Mage and the Leathersmith: Book One Adventure brought unlikely lovers Lord Leonard “Leo” Harris and Master Leathersmith Gerald Smithson together. Now it threatens to tear them apart. Three weeks before their wedding, a plague strikes Victorian London—the worst to engulf the city in five hundred years. The symptoms are eerily reminiscent of the Black Death with boils, a horrific death, and immunity to magical cures. As one of the most powerful mages in the country, Leo searches for a cure and the person behind the scourge all while Gerald must finalize wedding plans and try to thwart a persistent—and unwanted—“admirer.” It’s a race against time as Gerald shows symptoms, and Leo must fight a powerful Dark Mage to get the cure before he loses the love of his life.

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Amoven: Prophecy

Throughout history, the Amoven have survived by staying in the realm of legend, disbelief, and deliberate misdirection. But now, these werewolves have more to fear than hunters: nature and evolution are coming for them. Daniel McTavish’s drive to rise in Amoven society pits him against Lauren Bishop whose grip on power has lasted nearly a hundred years. Now someone’s trying to kill him, his brother’s having visions, and a reporter after his family story is getting too close to the Amoven’s truth. In this dark night of prophecy, his people will either evolve or be destroyed. And Daniel will do anything to keep his family and the Amoven safe.

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Children of the Temple: Book One

cover for the novel "Children of the Temple"

Immortal Templar knight Laurent and his magic-wielding partner Damian take on a seemingly simple job to protect a young woman whose family is slaughtered by a powerful demon. This turns into a quest for all three to stop the demon from unleashing something ancient and evil that the earth hasn’t seen since long before the Old Testament… something that wants to unleash Hell on earth.

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Fluctuations: Book One of the Connemara Chronicles†

Fluctuations Cover

A state-of-the-art cruise ship with wealthy vacationers out for a thrill travels into The Fluctuation, a dangerous region of the galaxy where anything can happen. When an heiress, a telepathic feline alien, a sarcastic robot, and a young runaway get left behind after a catastrophic event, the Fluctuation is a chance to find out exactly what they’re made of… if they live through the experience.

At Amazon: Fluctuations: Book One of the Connemara Chronicles

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