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2018 – Here we come!


A lot of people make resolutions and goals for the new year and I’m no exception. We do it every year. Or, I do. I think that it’s a good thing to do because it makes you think, and dream, about the future. About 90% of my resolutions go by the wayside by around February, but that 10% that sticks with me is the foundation of a new, better way of life.

I only have one resolution this year: write more.

I get accused by a couple of friends of being prolific, but I know that I’ve been performing at far less than I’m capable of doing. This last year was filled with fixing an ankle, a couple of big changes at work, and a few disappointments with my writing. It was, overall, a very busy year.

On the writing front, I did finish the sequel to Most Unusual Wedding, which will be coming out quite soon (YAY!) , and I finished an epic fantasy novel, which is being torn apart into a new novel series (Yikes!), and revised two other novels. On the screenwriting front, I finished a new pilot and am revising two others.

Despite that, I know I can do more and do it better. The plan this year–and it is a plan, not a goal–is to write for a minimum of an hour every day. It doesn’t matter what I work on as long as I get in that hour every single day. The last time I worked that much on my writing, I produced…well, let’s just say that it was a lot. hehehehe. I’m going to work on my craft and really sink my teeth into my characters, worlds, and stories.

I’ll check in with you all once a month without fail and let you know what progress on which project I’ve made. That is one of my most important NaNo lessons: when you have accountability, you get shit done. And I think that’s what 2018 will be about. We’re going to have to get a lot of shit done to fix everything that went wrong in 2017.

I hope all of you have a wonderful, fulfilling, and thrilling new year and wish everyone all the best in their personal and professional goals and ambitions and loves.


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