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Top Five – Review – No Spoilers

I don’t normally see dramas in the theater unless there’s someone in the film that I really love and/or it’s a subject that’s personal to me. Mostly because I save my pennies for big scifi and action flicks (or period pieces) that really do need to be seen on the big screen. But this, well. … Continue reading

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  • the 2nd best thing about spicy #food: clears the sinuses and pores all at once, no effort required. best thing is, of course, the taste. :D 11 hours ago
  • It is REALLY irritating when people react with pity on finding out you're alone for Xmas. You don't know me so shut up about it. #life 1 day ago
  • Juuuust made the bus by running. I'm gonna be sweating for the next half hour, but better than waiting an hour for the next one! #worthit 1 day ago

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